Armstrong Engineering
Serving Nashville and the Surrounding Area Since 2004

James Armstrong, P.E.
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 943-0773

Providing consultation and premium solutions to exceptional problems
for developers, construction and engineering firms.

- Civil Engineer -

Services Include
• Design solutions for water problems on existing commercial and residential sites.
• Flood studies.
• Submittals to FEMA for Letters of Map Amendment/Revision (CLOMA, CLOMR, LOMA, LOMR).
• Grading, drainage and water-quality plans.
• Stormwater appeals to local regulatory authorities.
• Critical-lot plans.

In order to help ensure mutual understanding of expectations, written Service Agreements are required for all projects. Emails, texts, and verbal communications are not intended to be Agreements, and there will be no commitment to any project, or to the details of any project, by either party until a written Service Agreement is issued by Armstrong Engineering and it is signed and returned by the client in accordance with the terms specified in the Agreement.
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